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From Bill Loupee, Vice President

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Transportation & Logistics Team,


Over the course of the past two weeks, we’ve had the opportunity to truly “stress test” our organization.  Pivoting to 90% of our office staff working remotely, often times in a less-than-ideal work from home environment, while we simultaneously experience huge influxes in freight volumes is NOT easy.  Moreover, we were able to prepare for, and implement the transition plan over the course of about a week and half.

I am extremely proud of how everyone in our organization has handled the rapid changes.  Our Sales Team has answered the call from new and existing customers at all hours – helping building relationships that will last well beyond the COVID-19 crisis.  Our Customer Operations Team is working overtime to build and schedule what will be a record number of shipments in March, while resolving issues at the same time.  In Carrier Sales, if you were here 6 years ago, you might remember that our Carrier Reps averaged 5 loads per day – this week, we had a Carrier Sales Rep cover 37 loads in a day.  That same rep will likely break the record for most loads covered in a month during March.  In our Accounting dept, the team figured out how to transition our billing and payables processes to a remote environment in a matter of days – and haven’t gotten behind at all while working from home.  In our Asset division, our drivers have shown their undeniable dedication to our customers, working overtime when needed to deliver on our promises.

The interconnectivity of the Sonwil Enterprise is what makes us special in anomalistic moments like what we’re experiencing today.  One business unit cannot thrive without the other.  Our trucks continue to shuttle freight to the warehouses and both our asset and brokerage divisions continue to provide outbound capacity to get essential products downstream and onto grocery store shelves.  Each of us should be very proud of the work we’ve done over the past few weeks and the work we will continue to as critical providers during the crisis.  

Personally, each and every time I see someone in our organization pitch in to help someone else when they’re getting overwhelmed, or when I see customer sales covering freight, or when I see people voluntarily working on weekends, or when I am getting emails from the business intelligence team at 10pm at night to improve our processes – it makes me even more thrilled to be a member of this team and it invigorates me to do more.  To cover one more load, to tell our story to a prospect one more time, and to try a little harder to do what other providers can’t or won’t.

Thank you for your flexibility and commitment during this stressful, trying time.  We can accomplish anything when we stick together


Bill Loupée

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