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From Brad Dolce, Carrier Sales Manager

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Carrier Team and Carrier Network,

To say the last month has “brought its challenges” would be an understatement. Thankfully, the Sonwil family of companies excels at overcoming adversity and tackling challenges head on. Over the last 30 days, we’ve witnessed some of the greatest team work, comradery, and passion for success that we have ever seen in our company’s 75-year history. When faced with what will be the biggest obstacle of our extensive history, the Sonwil Team has held the line and will continue to do so, not only for our customers, but for one another.

Our continued success during the COVID-19 Crisis is and will continue to be derived from our people’s work ethic and dependability. Those of you who have worked directly with me have heard me say this more times than you would care to admit but it rings truer than ever during these tumultuous times; “We’ll never get good at doing really difficult things by only doing simple things”. We have been preparing to be tested for years and I’m extremely proud of the results produced, they are exemplary.

Not only are we abundantly grateful for our internal Sonwil Team, but to all of our loyal Carrier Partners, and drivers, we cannot do this without you. Your eagerness to stand with us and your driver’s willingness to weather the storm with us has been critical to our successes and we look forward to sharing that growth with you.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your dedication to keeping the supply chain moving.We thank you for embracing our “never give up” culture to get through this together as a family. And

most importantly, we thank you for your selfless acts and sacrifices to get the job done.

Together, we remain #SonwilStrong.

Brad Dolce

Carrier Sales Manager

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