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Keep Your Cool, Ship Sonwil

Our food and beverage customers continue to increase their demand for high-quality, safe, and traceable products. From farm to table, the integrity of your brand is paramount, and you can’t afford to make compromises.
Whether it’s by providing trailers specifically designed for food-grade products, or remote control temperature monitoring, Sonwil provides peace of mind that your products will arrive at their destination safely, maintaining ultimate freshness.

Rest Easy – Sonwil Has It Handled

The technology in our fleet ensures the compliance of your food and beverage shipments by tracking from pick-up to delivery – and all points in between. Additionally, we provide a sightline to temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure in transit, and can even provide details of when trailer doors are opened and closed, giving you ultimate visibility.


We ensure your cargo stays within the acceptable temperature range and use sensors to alert our team if any excursion occur. This reduces load rejections, spoilage, and re-delivery — translating into lower costs and higher customer satisfaction.


Our temperature sensors and onboard cameras monitor all door openings and closings, and our team is alerted immediately if there is any attempt to compromise the integrity of your load.


From point of pickup to delivery, we monitor your cargo’s route and real-time location throughout the life of your shipment. Using geofencing, we have the ability to automate pickup and delivery notifications and deliver them seamlessly, right into your TMS or ERP systems.

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