Parcel & Value-Add Services

Parcel and Value-Add Services

Small shipments causing big headaches? Sonwil is here to help.

In 2021, consumers generated 59 million parcels in the US each day. Sonwil ensures yours get the attention they deserve. Our service connects shippers with small package solutions from UPS®, FedEx, USPS, and more – and utilizes our expertise and technology platform to fulfill your parcel needs.

In addition, our logistics team can assist in large-scale, high-volume freight consolidation, combining multiple shipments from single or multiple shippers, as well as freight deconsolidation, creating multi-site, multi-piece shipments from larger, consolidated shipments.

Our Customers Count on Sonwil to Deliver:

  • A program that makes sense – Sonwil listens to your needs, educates you on your options, and partners with you to make your ambitious plans a reality
  • A shipping platform that takes all the guesswork out of when your parcels will reach their destination
  • Value-added services – trust Sonwil with your large-scale, high-touch shipping needs – from kitting to re-labeling to refurbishment, our expert team members ensure that every expectation is adhered to

At Sonwil, our experienced team of logistics professionals will ensure:

  • Delivery and Pick-up Accuracy
  • On-Time Performance
  • Commitment to Safety and Security
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Full Shipment Visibility

Look No Further for Your Canadian-US Connection

Located only minutes from the northern border of the United States and Canada, Sonwil has made it our business to move goods fluidly across the border and become an expert in distributing goods between both countries.

If you’re a Canadian business shipping into the US, Sonwil’s team of experts is standing by to receive your product in bulk and run point on U.S. distribution or consolidate your returns. U.S. shippers can benefit from batching shipments or returns with Sonwil, who can take it over the line, on-time.

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