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Sonwil Drives Results with our Dry Van Truckload Shipping Solutions

Do you find the constantly changing trucking market challenging? You can count on Sonwil to match our truck to your loads.

Over 10 billion tons of freight are moved throughout the U.S. each year.

Sonwil’s assets and access to excess capacity ensure that your products get from pickup to delivery reliably and on time – allowing you to focus on everything else that’s on your plate.

Our Customers Count on Sonwil to Deliver:

  • 53’ standard dry vans and plate trailers with reach across North America
  • 48’ and 53’ tri-axle trailers that allow shippers up to 33% more weight per trailer – perfect for heavy and dense commodities the weight out a trailer before they cube out
  • Power-only options to increase fleet flexibility
  • Trailer pools to drive warehouse efficiency, lower costs, and limit driver dwell time

At Sonwil, our experienced team of logistics professionals will ensure:

  • Delivery and Pick-up Accuracy
  • On-Time Performance
  • Commitment to Safety and Security
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Full Shipment Visibility

On every single load, our team members will carefully listen to your shipment requirements, send in the right equipment, and evaluate the route to ensure your freight arrives on time, intact, and where you need it to be.

Don’t just take our word for it, see it for yourself. We’ve invested in a robust tech stack that allows you visibility to where your freight is at any time while giving you an option of downloading or pushing transaction reports that show cost and shipment history.

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