Driver Mentorship

Join Our New Driver Mentorship Program

The Program is two weeks in length with the option of extending to four weeks at the Managers discretion. At the end of each week, the driver is evaluated to determine what training to focus on the following week.

Week One

Introduction to:
  • Operation
  • Equipment and Safety Standards
  • Terminal Layout Policies/Expectations
  • Safety Call Outs
  • Equipment knowledge

Week Two

  • Pre-Tip Inspection
  • Trailer hook up and drop
  • Driving Skills
  • Backing Skills
  • Power Packer Operation
  • Tandem Sliding
  • Scale Operations and understanding
  • Samsara


  • Ensures drivers are prepared to be successful
  • Encourages good habits right from the start
  • Provides comfortability driving tractor trailers
  • Provides another measure of safety to future professional truck drivers

Designed for

  • CDL-A License holders
  • Limited to no CDL-A driving experience
  • Graduated from a qualified and reputable driving school
  • Planning to build a long-term successful career as a professional truck driver
  • Interested in a company that provides opportunities for advancement

Become a Driver Mentor!

The program will be two weeks in length with option of extending to 4 weeks at
the Managers discretion. The mentee will be evaluated at the end of each week to determine if more training is necessary.

Every effort will be made to keep mentors at their current location and shift. However, mentors must be willing to move to another shift if necessary during the training period.


  • Provide additional career opportunities for drivers
  • Help drivers develop their leadership skills
  • Help ensure that the next generation are safe and professional drivers
  • Earn additional income

Designed for

  • Employees in good standing
  • CDLA with proven competency
  • Ability to work with all variables of the equipment. (standard trans., power-packers, etc....)
  • Ability to work efficiently with accuracy
  • Has excellent people skills and sets a positive example
  • Has the desire and takes an interest in teaching and cultivating a positive, productive culture
  • Does things the right way, even when nobody's looking (no shortcuts) Endorsement from your Manager
  • Good time management skills
  • Proficient in Samsara
  • Evaluate and provide feedback and recommendations for new hires