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Sonwil Team Members

Don't Take Our Word For It! Hear from Sonwil team members below about their experiences being part of the Sonwil family.

Local Drivers

Meet Tyrone: Local Truck Driver

Meet Tyrone. He is a local driver and loves it. He got his start as a temp in 2011 and worked his way through Sonwil until he found his love for being a local driver. Hear from Tyrone about how he started with us when he was broke, and where he is at now. Want to work with Tyrone? As Tyrone says, “Sonwil, Baby. Come On Down!”

Meet Edgar: Local Truck Driver

Meet Edgar: He’s been driving with Sonwil since 2016 and works shift 3 with us. He enjoys being a Local driver, especially since he has a large family and home time is #1 for him.

Meet Leo: Local Driver

Hello. My name is Leo Rios. I’ve been driving trucks for about three years, and I’ve been driving for Sonwil Transportation for a year and a half, now. I enjoy the benefits of working with Sonwil Transportation, such as just the freedom of being in my own truck, being out enjoying the weather, except in the winter, but everything else is fine. I’m not harassed. I’m not messed with. I’m not pressured to do my job. Just make sure I do it safely and get home every day.

Meet James: Local Driver

James, a 20-year CDL driver, shares his experience with Sonwil and touches on the key benefits such as working on the first shift and friendly dispatch. “My name is James Craft, and I’ve been driving trucks for a little over 20 years. I’ve been driving for Sonwil Transportation for about 10 and a half years. I enjoy the benefits of working at Sonwil Transportation, such as I get the hours I like to work. I have friendly dispatchers that treat me well, my trucks are always kept in good shape and my mechanical issues are fixed pretty fast. My peers and supervisor treat me well and I couldn’t ask for anything better.”

Meet Mugsy: Driver and Third Shift Supervisor

Meet Mugsy. He was Sonwil Transportation’s first hire and 13 years later, he is now the third shift supervisor. He loves the freedom that comes with his role, being out on the road, no one breathing down his neck, and being his own boss. He also enjoys the responsibility that comes with his role as well. Ensuring that drivers are being safe, wearing their high visibility vests, and taking care of their trucks. After 13 years, he still loves it here.

Meet Saed: Local Driver

Meet Saed. He moved from Iraq in 2014 and Sonwil was his first job in the United States. He knew very little English but has come a long way and can now support his family. He started in the warehouse and proceeded to have several roles in fulfilment, then he decided to go and get his CDL. He is now a local driver working on the first shift with Sonwil Transportation.

Meet Antonio: Local Driver

Meet Antonio and hear what he has to say about driving at Sonwil Transportation.

Regional Drivers

Meet Carls: Regional Driver

with Sonwil. Carls shares what his typical week looks like and how it helps him get the home time that he wants. Want to run Regional but have home time like Carls, also?

Over-The-Road Drivers

Meet Danny: OTR Driver

Meet Danny: He has been an OTR driver with Sonwil for over two years. Danny speaks to what his typical week looks like and how he runs OTR but ‘definitely has good weekends at home’.

Meet Paul: OTR Driver

Meet Paul: Paul is a new OTR driver with Sonwil. Paul turned in his keys on being away for weeks and even more than a month at a time. He’s now running full OTR miles with Sonwil yet home every weekend. Every mile he runs is getting him closer to his goal of owning a general store. He’s a man on a mission and we’re glad he’s part of our team!

Meet Paul (Again): OTR Driver

It’s officially been 1 year since Paul joined Sonwil, and he’s enjoyed every single moment of it. Paul recently bought a new home and is thankful for the role Sonwil played in making the opportunity happen. Paul has been able to still enjoy weekends off, while also being able to have time to remodel his new home. He still runs the same routes he did when he first started at Sonwil, he’s made plenty of additions to his truck. Such as a PlayStation, Xbox, crock pot, and much more.