Intermodal and Drayage

Connect to the Global Supply Chain with Sonwil’s Multi-Modal Solutions

Overwhelmed by the idea of managing steamships, customs brokers, chassis, and rail lines? Trust Sonwil to manage all of the moving parts.

95% of the world’s manufactured goods travel in a container before they arrive in the hands of the customer. Navigating the process of moving those containers from the port to their final destination is no easy feat. Sonwil’s team of experts services both ocean and inland ports to get your cargo where it needs to go. Trust our logistics experts to evaluate your transportation options, pick the most economical mode, and leverage our assets alongside our long-standing intermodal relationships to ensure your freight arrives hassle-free and on time.

Our Customers Count on Sonwil to Deliver:

  • A consultative approach – our team will work with you to strategize around the most reliable and cost-effective shipping strategy and educate you on all of your options
  • A national network that provides services to all ocean and major inland ports
  • Reliable intermodal shipping service – our team has established relationships with Class 1 railroads and assets standing by to ensure your cargo moves quickly and arrives when it’s expected
  • A simplified intermodal shipping experience – a team of logistics professionals at your service and a shipping platform that provides visibility at all times

At Sonwil, our experienced team of logistics professionals will ensure:

  • Delivery and Pick-up Accuracy
  • On-Time Performance
  • Commitment to Safety and Security
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Full Shipment Visibility

Whether your container needs to be moved from a port to another gate, door-to-door, or from a facility to the shipping hub, Sonwil’s team of experts will advise you of all your options, create a game plan, and execute flawlessly.

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