Six Reasons You Should Work in Supply Chain

September 14, 2022

Sonwil Logistics

Supply chain outsiders often describe the industry as “Moving something from point A to B.” That is like saying Beethoven was just a piano player or Google is just a search engine. In a time of hyper-globalization, complex supply chains connect the world for everything we eat, for the technology we use, and for anything we buy. The industry touches every aspect of our lives.

Supply chain management comprises purchasing, manufacturing, inventory control, demand planning, warehousing, transportation, and service—and the list could go on. Plus, doing all that as cost effectively as possible.

Are you looking for a career vital to the American and worldwide economy? Here’s six reasons why you should work in supply chain.

  1. Supply Chain Jobs Are in Demand

    Analysts project 30% job growth in supply chain by 2030. Available supply chain jobs sit close to a 20-year high. The field offers stability and good pay. During the pandemic, research shows 95% of people working in supply chain retained their jobs. Starting pay typically posts higher than the average American salary with potential earnings for experienced workers reaching six figures.

  2. The Industry Supports Job Diversity and Career Advancement

    Supply chain offers countless job opportunities catering to every skillset. Take a transportation and logistics company like Sonwil. Drivers sit at the center of our business, but we also employ logistics sales pros, business development executives, customer success representatives, pricing analysts, dispatchers, warehouse leads, interns, and many others.

    Most jobs in supply chain are interconnected. While you might have a specific position, the job likely will interact with countless other roles creating everyday opportunities for gaining new skills and job growth. These links allow people to learn multiple jobs within a company and the industry. That creates opportunities for career advancement. In some industries, people do one job their entire lives. If you are someone who wants your career to evolve, supply chain is the perfect profession.

  3. The Work Has Purpose

    In today’s workplace, 70% of Americans say they define their sense of purpose through work. Supply chain proves its value every day and why those working in the field make a difference.

    When the need arose to manufacture and distribute COVID vaccines and pharmaceuticals as quickly as possible during the pandemic, supply chain professionals made it happen. Getting fresh water and food to people following a natural disaster is possible only because of people who work in the supply chain. Even Santa gets help from supply chain workers to get that must-have toy into children’s stockings every year.
    Supply chain inherently has a “feel-good” factor because it impacts people’s lives. That shows in job satisfaction numbers. The Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM) found that 88% of industry professionals view their careers positively and would recommend supply chain as a rewarding pathway for others.

  4. Every Day Is Different

    Supply chains constantly change. A delayed international shipment, a bad snowstorm, a production line stoppage, a worker strike, a new supplier, or even a product promotion shifts the variables daily. Working in supply chain is like tackling a slightly different puzzle every day. People who thrive are true problem solvers. They love walking into work knowing today will be different than yesterday.

  5. Build a Lifelong Professional Network

    The U.S. supply chain employs 44 million people. That number jumps to 450 million worldwide. That’s a big professional network. Plus, tenured supply chain professionals have a saying, “Once it gets into your blood, you’ll love it and never leave.” Check out the LinkedIn profiles for people working in supply chain. You likely will see the saying is true. Professional relationships developed today often last a lifetime. That means lots of opportunities for learning, support, career moves, and doing business.

  6. Supply Chain Embraces Technology and Innovation

    Today’s supply chains rely on sophisticated technology: Cutting-edge onboard safety features; warehouse robotics; optimization software; pricing analytics; demand forecast models. The industry is one of the quickest to embrace advanced technologies to improve supply chain effectiveness. It also is one to push innovation, from self-driving trucks to drone porch deliveries, IoT devices and artificial intelligence. The opportunities are endless, which means so is the need for highly skilled individuals able to use evolving technologies to improve supply chain efficiency.

Considering a Career in Supply Chain?

Sonwil Logistics is a growing company operating at the center of the supply chain. We work with global shippers moving freight across multiple modes. Our brokerage services leverage an extensive carrier network to maximize market capacity. We operate warehouses and fulfillment services in five states. Whether you are interested in driving a truck, brokering freight, or partnering with some of the world’s biggest shippers—we have a place for you a Sonwil Logistics.

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