Revolutionizing Supply Chains with Generative AI

October 16, 2023

Jason Ickert

Supply Chain Nerd Alert!

I have become intrigued by how we can use generative AI to enhance supply chains, specifically with respect to how it can play a significant role in helping organizations build customized supply chain strategies, assess various scenarios, highlight risk factors and mitigate risk.

Keep in mind, that regular feedback loops and updates are essential to adapt to changing business conditions and emerging risks in the supply chain.

Here are some ways that I think we can leverage this technology:

Demand Forecasting and Scenario Analysis – analyze historical data, market trends, and external factors to generate demand forecasts so that shippers can plan more robust, efficient and effective distribution strategies which factor in capacity and cost constraints

Optimal Routing, Carrier Selection and Load Optimization – generate optimal routes and load plans by selecting the most suitable carriers based on factors such as cost, transit time, and reliability

Real-time Decision Support – provide real-time updates and situational recommendations

Risk Assessment – simulate various supply chain scenarios to assess risks, such as natural disasters, economic disruptions, or geopolitical events, providing risk ratings and probabilities

Recommendation of Mitigation Strategies – based on the risk assessment, suggest alternative routes, backup suppliers, and optimal inventory levels

Environmental Sustainability – recommend the most energy-efficient routes and modes of transportation to assist in reducing environmental impact

What do you think? Please share your predictions of how generative AI can and will revolutionize supply chain logistics.

To find our more how Sonwil is using Generative AI to assist their customers with driving efficiencies in their supply chain, reach out to us at

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About the Author

Jason Ickert, President, Sonwil Logistics

Jason is an seasoned logistics leader with more than 25 years’ experience in global supply chain and logistics where he had developed and implemented a multitude creative and innovative supply chain solutions to a large number of North America’s very recognizable logos.

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